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Why do law firms hire private investigators?

When most people think about private investigators, the first thing that comes to mind is a background check job. This is probably because in movies, private investigators are portrayed as people who only do background checks and investigate on a person’s behalf to find out whether their partner is being unfaithful. This is however just a small part of what private investigators do. As their title suggests, they do investigative work but privately. In most cases, you might not know whether a person is a private investigator especially if they are investigating you. This is because they are very discreet. This is one of the qualities that make them useful to many organizations including law firms. There are several reasons why law firms hire private investigators.

One of the reasons why a law firm would need to hire a private investigator is because they are very good in finding people. In certain cases of identity theft, private investigators may be retained to locate the suspect. Another one of the challenges a lot of lawyers face when handling a case is finding their witnesses. A lawyer may have a key witness whose testimony would save their case but without knowing where to find them; their case is as good as lost. This is where the private investigator comes in. A private investigator is able to dig up as much information about a person as possible to enable them to locate them. They therefore hep track down the important witnesses in order to better the chances of winning a case.

The other reason why private investigators are hired in law firms is because they are able to conduct interviews. In most cases, the private investigators do not come too close to the case. They therefore never get to know the witnesses, the victims and the accused very well. This is very important because it enables them to be in a better position to conduct an interview with any of this people since they cannot connect the private investigator to the case. The private investigator is therefore able to get as much information about different cases as possible which can be great armour in a court hearing.

Private investigators are also useful in law firms because they are able to connect the dots in cases. They use public information and other sources of information to help connect the details of each case. This not only enables them to fill in the gaps but it also enables them to unveil new clues that are very important for lawyers. They are basically trained in finding clues and connecting pieces of information which makes them an asset especially in very difficult cases.

The other reason why a law firm would hire a private investigator is because the private investigators are trained on evidence collection and reviewing of evidence. This is very important because they are able to identify the most useful evidence and link it to the case in the most appropriate way possible. The importance of this is that it enables the lawyers to know which evidence is reliable for their different cases and which one is not. It also gives them a helping hand when it comes to collection of different evidence since private investigators are able to remain in the background and remain unnoticeable while they collect evidence since they are not directly linked to the case.

Apart from finding people, private investigators are also very good in locating different types of assets. There are situations where clients hide assets like in divorce situations where they do not want to lose their assets in a court hearing. In such a situation, a private investigator comes in handy since they are able to connect different dots to know exactly where the assets are being hidden or if it is in the case of theft, they are able to locate them better than a law firm would. For these reasons, private investigators are very important assets in a law firm.

In conclusion, private investigators are not only important for private matters such as unveiling the issue of infidelity. They are also very important assets in different organizations such as law firms where they are used to uncover different and important things that are very important for law firms to win their cases. There are however different roles that private investigators play depending on where they are hired. PI is a very versatile profession.