Criminal law in the United States offers a widely varied and often unjust system. To make sure that people have access to the intellect, compassion and charisma that a great attorney provides, the criminal justice system must be made to account for its behavior.

Public trials are often decried as the bane of the justice system, but the high levels of publicity can serve to bring the light of problems inside the system to the masses, and that’s the way we can effect change in the United States criminal justice system.

A photo of Chris Timaine.The PAX Crime Investigator blog talks about the US criminal justice system, and was founded by a retired attorney and investigator, Chris Timaine. The insights and experience that Chris brings to the blog are intended to help the volume of people caught unaware by the system, and to serve the justice that was intended to be created by this amazingly flexible and honorably designed system of checks and balances.

Chris’s run for Mayor in 1990 was driven by the same philosophy: that money should not buy politics or justice, and that the opportunity for a fair trial is what gives our country its best chance of success.

Although he did not win, Chris turned his thoughts to The PAX Crime Investigator and now blogs here.