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5 of the worst criminals Colorado has ever seen

Colorado, one of the most interesting historical states in the country, has a great list of criminals who hail from and still occupy Colorado.

There are great stories and tall tales about these criminals, and sorting through what’s true can be quite difficult. But here are some of the worst criminals the state of Colorado has ever seen:

Ramzi Yousef


Ramzin was one of the men behind the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers and the World Trade Center. He’s serving a life sentence in the maximum security prison in Colorado. We won’t miss seeing him around.

Terry Nichols


Terry was sent to the supermax prison in Colorado after being convicted for the bombing in Oklahoma City in the year of 1995. 5 years ago Nichols began a hunger strike, complaining about the quality of the food in prison. If he was arrested in Idaho instead a criminal lawyer from Boise could have helped him.

Robert Hanssen


Robert H. is also serving multiple life sentences after selling classified data to the Russians. Robert is a former FBI agent and was convicted with treason after betraying the United States. Robert’s story was told in the movie “Breach” which can be watched online.

Michael Rudki


He’s a former prison officer, who admitted having sex with an inmate. Not only that but we also pleaded guilty to conspiring to kill his own wife. After being incarcerated, Michael tried to get another person to kill that inmate, his wife and her boyfriend and a federal officer.

Vincent Basciano


Vincent is serving a life sentence in Colorado supermax prison for leading the Bonanno crime family. He was convicted not only with murder but with other countless charges. Basciano was imprisoned in 2006.

Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments below!

Last update: Nov 11, 2015

Famous Criminal Cases of USA

America has always hit the headlines because of the many and serious crimes that have and are being committed every day. America has been the icon in the world and so many countries look up to them from around the world in good things. On the other hand, it has become a manufacturing ground for crimes and many criminals plan their attempts there. But what crimes are those? In this article, we look at some criminal cases that have been rated top in America — good criminal defence lawyer in Colorado Springs.

First, there are unsolved criminal cases in America which are handed down from one attorney to another. There are just those cases that never gather enough evidence and no one is willing to come out and say for sure what happened. For such, the criminal may be walking around free while the victim is suffering or the worst dead. This becomes a criminal case because the victim never gets justice and the criminal walks around free and uncharged.

Second, there are serial killers who walk free. Many people who turn out to be serial killers are criminal cases that may never be arrested and brought to justice. How the criminal gets to kill many people and still be free remains a topic for discussion in America up to date. These people end up killing many people when they are free than when they are known and in this case the victims and their families never get justice.

Third, there are criminal cases known as infamous murders. The person who is the criminal in this case gets to kill people without any drop of being suspected. Many of these criminals do not kill for what they can get from the victim, but for pleasure. Most of these are free and have not been brought to book while the victim’s family suffers looking for justice.

Fourth, female murderers; Many times it has been hard to suspect a woman to have committed murder, but it is happening every day. Some women kill their own relatives and others kill strangers. For some reason, the women who are the victims in this case get away with it un notices. But it is among the leading criminal cases in America.