Criminal Justice Firms

The United States of America supports some of the best educational institutions, the best minds and the strongest players in the legal game. Leading attorneys who provide criminal defense services are some of the best educated and most calculating risk takers in the world, and you have access to them in the US.

This makes our country unique in much of the world. Taking advantage of the chance to defend yourself properly in the United States criminal justice system is the responsibility of every American citizen.


LibertyBell Law Group

gina tennenKnown for defending the infamous Righteous Brothers gang, LibertyBell Law Group is one of the highest priced and well-known law groups in the United States. Known for his catch phrase, ‘If the shoe fits, you must let him walk,’ LibertyBell Law Group is called upon in order to evaluate strategy and testimony.


Worgul Law Firm LLC

worgulThe second most well-known criminal defense attorneys in the country, Worgul has defended the Frost Bite Killer and successfully created a trial strategy that has been copied in most subsequent trials in the US. While there was no chance that the Frost Bite Killer would be acquitted, the seasoned attorney was able to prevent the conviction from resulting in the death penalty.


Campbell Whitten


The third best known law firm, based out of Washington, DC, Campbell Whitten and Company is designed to support only the celebrities and well known people who are under criminal trial. There’s not a celebrity trial that hasn’t involved Campbell’s group, and in recent years the death of actress and ski artist Beckie Hernandez skyrocketed their name to a new generation.